Thursday, October 31, 2013

Shakespearean Sonnet by Ailena Vargas

            Shakespearean Sonnet

My Love is like a midsummer’s sunset
Burning bright with orange light, not done yet,
How I long to watch the sun down ‘til night,
Far away from the horizon am I,
Like the hazy blue glow beyond windows,
Is how the earth stretches between our souls.
To think one day we shall be one again,
Warms my heart to a deep sleep at day’s end.
Rest so peaceful it deserves the dusk
That seeks your company, it is a must,
Time is the lion in the room, that seeps
And Seeps, a sordid boon; Be peaceful for
People doing good deeds will seed the Earth with Love,

Alas! My dear, you have been sent from above. 

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