Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I had a good day today :)

 Overall, I wasn't feeling tired or sluggish due to my usual lack of sleep, even though I did only sleep 3 hours.

I was a lot more patient than usual today, which I have to THANK God graciously for, since I found that he does answer prayers. I had to ask him to give me more patience and less stress, or else I was about to karate-chop a lil mufuhker in that bitch!!! REAL shit

Well, I go to my Auntie's house everyday b/c I work at her daycare, and I CAN'T stand those badass lil snotty-nosed fukers, they drive me insane! Which is unusual b/c I usually LOVE children. But those kids, I tolerate. And when I caught myself literally thinking that I would hurt one of them, I had to pray on it, and it worked. Lol

But yes, today had an overall good feeling, from beginning to end.

I talked to my bro Andrew and his girl Julia, and they said they'll probably come see me tomorrow. Yayyy!! I need some fun in my life. I just hope he doesn't bring weed b/c I quit for the moment, and I haven't smoke since a week after my b-day, and I gotta not smoke. But if he brings it, I will be tempted, so idk idk

But we'll still have fun regardless... they said movies, but I'm like ehhh... there's nothing I wanna see. And I looked hella cute today, so I wanna look hella cute tomorrow too. What should I wear? Hmmm. I'm thinking... tights, Uggies, spaghetti strap tank, and a thin cardigan, cute, right? Lol
And the pink/gold hoops :) oh la la

Well, we'll see tomorrow, and hopefully my day is just as good as today, if not better :)

Well, I'm feeling like Ughhh now bc I'm being lazy.

I've been home since like 7ish and all I have managed to do is bullshit on the computer, make some phone calls, straighten up my room, and cook myself dinner, oh, and accidentally nap for an hour. Wtf

But I need to get some shit done, and I will before I sleep, I must.

But I hate having this feeling of not wanting to do shit. So I'ma try, and if it's a fail, then I'ma just shower and got to bed bc I don't force myself to anything that I don't want to. But shit I don't feel like doing anything except entertaining myself...

Anyway, I'ma go now and get some shit done,

Until next time,



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