Friday, October 12, 2012

So quick update on my boring life,

but first,

I noticed today that I join every popular social media outlet,i.e. facebook, twitter, tumblr, instagram, etc.

But I never care to really update or use them very much and idk why, but I just don't.. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of use on these things, but in general day to day life, nah. Like for instance, I've had a twitter since 2008 and I don't even have 2,000 tweets yet vs. the people who've had it for a day and have like 3,000 tweets. Maybe it's because I don't really like them, cuz I don't like twitter just for the fact that it's the same 3 people tweeting the same shit from yesterday, just in different words. WTH. Anyway, the coolest of them all is blogger, and even though my blog has never been very interesting, or had many pictures, I still dig it the most. However, I still don't care to update it; my layout and bio may be the same forever muahahahaha jk, but we'll see :)

Since I got home, I've been mixing a little work with pleasure. When I first got back, nothing was on t.v., so I said fuck it and worked on some business. Then about 2 hours later, I decided it was dinner time and fixed myself some bomb ass dinner, and yes it was some top-notch, five-star, culinary wolf gang puck chef shit. I mean some vuelo shit.

It was some Sanitas tortilla chips, topped with black beans and mild cheddar cheese grated on top. Good shit, right? Hahaha but I loved it, because it was so fresh and left me feeling good. And had a glass of simply lemonade on the side. And while I ate I watched Shark Tank, one of my favorite shows, and it was cool. I love to see people's ideas, creations, and business ventures, it gives me inspiration to further my own. Speaking of which, my brains been going non-stop since that day I was sick. I had at the very least 11 cups of tea that day and I was not counting. Since then, I've been awake the past two nights only operating on two hours of sleep, but shit, I ain't sick any more, and my cousin's still kinda sick lol but hopefully she'll get better soon.

But yeah, I have decided that I want to get my hands into business, after coming up with the ideal business to start-up, and my decision is firm. I don't want to just try my hand at this and see what happens, fuck that, I want to DO this and am prepared to DO this. Before, I've never had a clear ideal of what I wanted to do, I always said, I'll try this, I'll try that, see what happens, blah blah, but now, my ideals are getting clearer and clearer as I see myself coming closer to destiny, and I'm ready. I don't want to just test the waters, I want to get in and start makin' waves, hurricanes n some mo' shit. And when I do get my business up and running, you'll hear about it here first. Until then, I'm takin' actions over words.

Surprisingly, only a day after pretty much making up my business in my head, I have already made progress. And by the end of this weekend, I plan to have made a significant amount of progress, on my end, in as many ways possible to ensure that some way, some how, this will be started , and soon. Anyway, you can pretty much say fuck what I say, since words mean nothing in reality. And wait and see what happens and if my word is good. Picture me rollin' $_$ hahaaa

*Side note: this reminds me of high-school days when me and Tundae said we'd start our own business. When I was at Hami, I was in BIT, Business Interactive Technology, because I wanted to be a businessperson as a kid, But like any other interest in life I had, by the time I graduated, Hami had knocked it out of me by overly funding the (ahem) dumb-ass music academy. I.e., sports got no shine, and BIT was just tech, no business... But me and Tundae said we would start something like the House of Blues except it would have a recording studio or something and I'd handle business and he would handle music or something like that, Shit I can't remember by now, but such a cute memory awwww lol

>After shark tank was over, I decided I was still hungry and made the bombest salad ever. And I do mean bomb. Thank God Olympia taught me something about making a bomb ass salad. *Side note: but has anyone seen her? She's been in hiding since a tragic night in July when she was stood up. She has refused to talk me since that day, idk why, even though I was staying in the house with her and my second family for a month. Just hope she's doing well.* Well basically I made a salad that consisted of: kale, baby spinach, cucumbers, avocado, hard boiled eggs, and chopped peanuts, topped with lemon juice and sesame seed and ginger vinaigrette. I can't even tell you how satisfied I was, so just parallel it to some gluttonous feeling of satisfactory you've got from something before. And I ate it and watched one of my favorite movies, Baby Boy in HD, but I've seen that movie too much so I didn't watch the whole thing, but that is a movie I could quote lol

Well, I did not at all mean to type this much. I meant to type 2-3 paragraphs, but damn, I felt like I just wrote an essay.

Hasta la vista baby,


p.s. I've been trying to get my protein in since I don't eat meat. Great sources of protein include beans, cheese, eggs, nuts and milk. Stay strong peeps! PEACE

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