Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey blogger, what's up??

Well, I decided to blog today since I haven't blogged in a while.

I'm eating some bomb ass cinnamon toast crunch right now, and waiting.

I'm so excited because tomorrow is my mom's graduation from doctorate school, and today is her b-day. She's probably at benihana's right now because that's her b-day spot and I hella wish I could be there for some food lol

But tomorrow we're gonna leave at 9, and go to my mom's graduation in Pasadena at 11. And then we're gonna go eat at Buca di Beppos (or whatever) I don't really like that place but it's good for big parties since everything is served to be shared. Anyways, it's more about her graduation and good times with my family.

And I'm waiting because my Auntie is going to come pick me up so we could go shopping at Wal-mart. I haven't been to a fucking Wal-mart since I left the i.e. 8 years ago -_- but whatever, they have good shit there.

But I wanted to go to this little fashion store called Citiwear cuz I saw hella cute stuff there, and I wanted to buy something to wear tomorrow and buy my mom a gift. I saw this cute bag there, that I know my mom would adore, and a cute scarf. She desperately needs a new bag, and a scarf would be good for the cold weather coming up, but I guess I can't get it...

Me and my cousin went there after she got off work, because she needed to buy some shirts to go out tonight, and to wear tomorrow...and that's when I saw all the cute stuff, but I didn't have any money on me, plus she doesn't know I have money, so I asked her to buy me earrings that I desperately needed and she bought me gel too..

And I was planning on going back to the store and getting fitted, and buying my mom gifts n stuff, but I have no way there. To be a small town, Redlands is big af, everything is far away. Like in Hollywood, everything, Target, shopping, mall, tattoo shop, whatever was within walking distance if you didn't mind, or a train/bus ride away. Here, nothing is in walking distance, and the two buses that do run, run like every 5 hours... so there was no way to get there n back, so I called my Auntie to see if she would take me, she said she was about to go somewhere but she was going to Wal-mart later on, so I figured I would take what I can get, since I have to get my mom something. And I'm just going to wear my black/pink dress, with light brown/gold zebra heels, and the gold/pink earrings I made my cousin buy me.

And my cousin went to San Diego, and my Aunt went back to Palm Springs, so I'm just home alone with the dogs now.

And just to clarify I have two main aunts out here. My Aunt Becky who I live with, and My Auntie Teresa who's house I go to everyday. I will differentiate them for future reference by using aunt or auntie, because that is what I call them. My Aunt Becky is white, hence the Aunt, and my Auntie Teresa is black, and we call our Aunt's Auntie, well some of us.

And now I'm waiting on my Auntie to pick me up and I'm already knowin it's going to be awhile, so I figured I had to time to blog. And hopefully we can stop and get some food somewhere, in particular, at Cuca's, the best Mexican food in the world. You'd think L.a. would shit on Cuca's with all the mexicos out there, but it's not even fuckin with Cuca's at all, real shit. Anyway, a bean, rice and cheese burrito would be good, and nutritious. Otherwise I'll wait til I get home and either make a breakfast burrito, eggs, potato and cheese and soak that shit in tapatio, or I'll fuck with some brown rice, sauteed mushrooms and spinach. That shit be firrrrrreeeeee.

Anyway, I'll probably be waiting for a minute, so I might work on some business since I'ma have a big break this weekend. I was gonna say fuck it, and not do any today but there's nothing on t.v., it's Friday night n you know what that means, and I have nothing better to do. I have been working non-stop on it tho. And I noticed just recently that a lot of people are talking about starting a business as of late, and I'm really, genuinely happy for them! I know when I saw myself come up, I saw multiple people coming up at the same time, and I saw us all at the top, so all this means to me, is that this is a good sign, and that my timing is right. So I'ma cheer EVERYONE on to make it, cuz that means I'm making it too.

Well, I've said all the bullshit I've wanted to say blogger.

And the reason why I haven't blogged in so long is cuz I was busy last weekend, then I had a bad dream in the beginning of the week that really brought me down, and it made me not feel like doing anything. Then, I felt like I had too much to say and didnt know how to sort it out. I was blogging, and was telling the story of my ex, my first boyfriend, but then my mom called me, which totally brightened my day and changed the subject, and I was like whytf am I even talking about this... so I stopped. But it's saved as a draft, so I might publish it. And I think I might write about dreams soon, which reminds me, I wanna google some stuff....

And I was gonna say one more thing about business, but I forgot, so maybe I will include it next time,

Until then,



P.s. Oh wait I remember....umm.....wait...........fuck, i forgot just as fast as I remembered lol nevermind!

ok, five minutes later, I do remember what I wanted to say and that was that I completely underestimated how long it would take me to get my business together. I don't want to calculate time into my business as a determining factor, but the over-zealous, over-achiever in me that I can be at times,  was like fuck yeah, I'ma get this shit done in a weekend. Womp, nope. It's gonna take me far longer than a weekend. But I feel it. It's coming along. And did I mention? My first semester at Hami, I had straight A's and was taking 11th grade classes. Yup. But good ol' Hami fucked over my life. Thanks:)  for completely uninspiring the shit out of me. Anyways, Byyye! N good luck to y'all makin moves out there cuhz

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