Thursday, October 11, 2012

Do u know what the cost of AK is up in Afrika?


Well, if you haven't gotten what this headline means, or the last one, then boooo!

I can't really fuck with you if you don't get it, and if you do, then I fuck with you off-top ;)

Hahaha jk, but honestly, if you get it, major props cuz it lyrics from my favorite artist of all-time M.I.A., that's all. No real meaning but to show some love<3 p="p">

Well, I thought I might as well blog again today even though I don't have much to say. I pretty much just stayed in the house all day healing myself from sickness, aka basically drinking hot tea/water all day and I feel 90% better.

Plus, I watched x-factor tonight, one of my favorite shows,  which was a great two hours of my day!! (damn, loner status)

Other than that, I just went grocery shopping, watched more t.v., handled minor business, made some phone calls, and that's about it. Oh, and I worked on training the dogs, and surprisingly, they're making progress.

I still haven't worked on my novel yet but when I do, I think I will start with the first few pages and making sure they flow, then skip around from chapter to chapter since I feel like it's mostly the beginning of the book that gets a lot more editing and towards the end of the book thats barely been touched. And if I do start that process, then I will probably post an excerpt that I really like on here just so anyone who's interested can take a look.

And you know what I was thinking the today, what if my book never does get picked up by a major publishing firm? Then I could always self-publish an e-book and sell it on Amazon, but I refrained from that idea because it offered such limited results from my perspective. It would be cheap to do it, and the book would be offered to the world, but it would need publicity. Then I thought that if my blog ever got tremendously popular, then I would be able to take on such a risky business venture on my own. But hey, I seriously doubt that would happen, but it would be tight Af if it did. Maybe I could start a celebrity blog, or sex blog (which I actually want to do) or more of a relationship blog, but it wouldn't even go with the genre of my book, so for now, I'll just stick to writing whatever I want since that's what I enjoy doing.

Anyway, this blog has been pretty boring if I must say so myself, but I'm happy so I'm just rambling on about bullshit. But wait for it, there'll be that one day when all this emotion spills out of me and you'll feel all the hidden love.

Cuz underneath it all, it's all really love.

I LOVE you !

Until next time when the light shines:

Ai le nA

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