Monday, October 8, 2012

Damn Blogger,

Again, long time, no blog-- whadddup?

Well me, I'm good, and forreal furreal Pharell, I'ma start blogging again.

Anyway, I now catch myself at my aunt's house, where I have plenty of time to do random bullshit like blog, so that's how I know I'll be blogging again cuz when I lived with my mom, thats when my blog was most active aka I was most bored.

The only thing to really do here is eat and get fat, but fuck that, I'm not trying to fit in with the average American and eat until my stomach gets fatter than my ass, so I'll blog and read and stuff like that, cuz I can only take so much of t.v. before my eyes get dry and my mind gets bored, but I do love t.v. no doubt and idk why.

Well, being here is really the last place I expected myself to be, but with recent circumstances, my parents convinced (more like forced) me to move here. I can honestly say it was the best option, because in the the end, I'm looking at the bigger picture, not necessarily at trivial day to day life. Which is good since I have never had such a strong mentality when it comes to what path I want to take in life.

Anyway, about here, its cool, boring and all, but I just need to clean my room. Idk why, but it was so dirty when I moved in. There's cat hair all along the borders of the floor, and on the bed (like in the cervices between the bed and the frame), and theres dust on the ceiling fan; it's so gross. It's like damn, really tho??? I mean the cat ain't been in the house for years and y'all still haven't cleaned this shit up? Whatever tho. Other than that, it's cool to have my room and space. I just wish babi3 was here with me.

And we have dogs here. Sorry if I offend anyone, but dogs are annoying Af!

I love Freud tho, cuz he's my dog that moved here awhile ago, but he is bad af. I mean sooo bad. He knows exactly what I say to him and what I mean, but he looks like idgaf, and does whatever he wants. Its not like I try to hold a conversation with him, I say simple shit like "Lay down" and he gives me that idgaf attitude. SMH and my lil brother Elijah spanks him, thank God, but 'Lijah's not here right now :(

And speaking of Freud, he was named after the famous psychologist by my mom. And my moms is graduating with her doctorate on October 20th! I'm so proud of her! Hopefully she can get a real job now. But my family might be moving to Boston Summer 2013 if CJ gets into Harvard :(
It'll be bittersweet.

Oh and there's another dog here named Bella, my cousin's dog. She's okay.

And even tho this is my Aunt's house, she's not even here, and rarely is. She spends most of the time house sitting her sister's big ass house and dogs in Palm Springs. They're legit multimillionaires since her husband is the CEO of General Mills, which is niiice and why they mostly live at their other house in $anta Barbara.

But I aspire to be like that one day. I mean I have dreams, but that's all they really feel like, is just dreams... But I'll come back to the topic of dreams another day... But forreal, I have dreams. My dreams are to be a writer...a novelist.. to parallel J.K. Rowling [who has a new book The Casual Vacancy which I do want Santa ;) ]or Stephanie Meyer. Women who have taken their creativity and talent and turned into 100s of millions and billions of dollars... who directed and produced the films of their books, who have turned their ideas into money; those are my dreams. Honestly, any type of well-paid writing job would be my dream career. Whether it be as a novelist, or a songwriter, or screenwriter, any of the above.
But one thing I do have is a novel I have written. It is finished in it's entirety and I wrote it while I was in San Francisco, but it could always use some altering and editing, which I probably will also do since I have so much time. My dream is to see it published and available in bookstores. Even if it never sold One copy, I would feel very accomplished just to have it published.

But In reality, I say fuck dreams. Don't get me wrong, dream on, dreamers... but don't just dream, do. For instance, my novel will always be my baby, pride, and joy, but who knows? It may never get picked up by a literary agent or a publisher, real shit. And no matter what, I always said I'll be a rocket scientist, and I am, that's why I gotta take my shit seriously and get my degree in aerospace engineering. Which I can get the transferable credits I need in a year and a half, and apply to Ucla's engineering school and get the fuck out of Redlands. Yup. That's where I'm at good ol' Redlands.

Fuck it. I'ma google an engineer's salary, give myself some motivation, and I need to make a phone call.
So peace out Youngins. Keep it OG in the streets for me.


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