Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Gotta go to L.A. tomorrow and I really don't want to.

I have to go for trial . Hopefully I can avoid any charges and jail time, or else it'll be a violation of my probation, and then I'll have to really go to jail and do some other bullshit, which, hell no, I am not down for. Just to think that all this started one night when me and Matt were stealing a bottle of moscato -_- We had money, but young us, we weren't 21 yet

Long story short, I looked suspect being black (1), and fitted in my blue Dodgers shirt, hat, and matching cortez, for the second they were hot (2); and idk how we ended up getting caught up, but we did.

In the end, if I would have known that shit would have went down as far as it went, I would've never let it go that far. I had time and the opportunity to get away, but I said fuck it, I was ignorant and didn't know how fucked up the system really was, and I decided to be cordial. I mean, logically, how upset could I be with a lady who was simply doing her job?


but what did upset me is that her and her male partner latched their grubby little greasy fingers onto my purse and then I was pisssssssed. That's when I started going off, like some shit that most people that even remotely know me would not even think I was capable of doing, and Matt was one person like such that witnessed it. And as I 'm going off, he's just pacing in the background, not knowing what to do...

and at this point, i'm just angry af,  wylin all over the damn place

then after all the crazy eyes, yelling and some mo' shit,

I calmed, and just started peeling her fingers off my bag one by one. And she gets pissed. Um, duh bitch, now you know how I feel? Touching all upon my personal property? My gucci bag ain't cheap hoe Lol

And she takes a swing at me. And me, being the naturally fantastic reflexer I am, I ducked or some shit and she misses, and I swing back automatic with my left hand, not even left-handed, and my fist smacks the bitch on the nose/cheek/eye all at once. Then she starts pulling my hair. I'm thinking like... honey, it's a weave, pull all you want, it's just gonna come out. Duh

Then she starts yelling: I'ma call the cops, this is robbery, blah, blah

and im thinkin like well call the po-po hoe

but no, i did not know better.

so the police come soon af

Matt's gone, i think, idk

but it's all good, I don't expect a lil bro to go down for me and my shit

and this fat Asian cop slams me on the ground, digs his fat ass knee into my lower back, and the whole time I'm screamin' for my life. I'm like owwww owww owwww at the top of my lungs, literally

then he sits me in his car, and i'm fumin', just every inch of my body is releasing heat and i can barely breathe. I'm beyond pissed

then he gets me up and switches me to a different squad car, and by this point, i had already logically calmed myself down, and told myself let's just get this shit over with as quickly as possible...

so I hopped up, walked myself to the car, but he was holding me, and I guess I was walking a little too rapid for his fat ass, cuz he was mad. And he hit my leg and made me put it in the car, and then after I'm in, and been handcuffed, he reaches his fatass porkchop hands in and puts his fingers around my neck, choking me.

I didn't even think, cuz my foot flew fast af onto that pig's chest, my only line of self-defense. then I flew out the car. then there's like 4 cops trying to straighten me out n pull me apart. But i was standing up, my legs spread apart, with my head between my legs n my hands up in the air, and I was not moving, stiff af. He was trying to shove me on the ground again, but I was like fuck that, his fatass is not gonna lay on me again.

And he started  saying some shit like, are you gonna stop acting like an animal, and act like a civilized human being blah blah blah..

and that's how I ended up on probation, charged with assault on an officer x2, and spent 18 days in jail, 14 in county, with my bunkie Loca...and when I was in county, I was chillen like a villan, couldn't do much else. And Loca had stories for dayyys, that's why I loved her, and she was a crazy bitch, no lie. I mean the first time she went to prison, it was for 10 years. Yeah, you could say she was institutionalized.. she knew all the rules and how to get around them. And when certain deputies would be bitches to us, she would be pissed and say how she couldn't wait to get back to prison cuz that shit wouldn't fly there and those types of bitches got their ass beat off-top. N I would just laugh....

Anyway, I know I said that would be a short story, but it wasn't all that short..

so yeah, gotta go for trial since I decided to fight my latest charge  -_- which is dumb af. I would say what it is, but it's pretty embarrassing, maybe later...

Then I was thinking about hitting the beach to catch a breeze,

and I wish I could catch up with Tundae, but idk, there's so many cons to that...

I mean I love him and all, but I don't him to bitch about the beach being too far, or that he has to do something for so and so, or idk, the whole i'm not smoking now might not work

but whatever, i'll invite him and that's what I can do.

oh, and only i can talk about tun like this^ cuz he's my bitccch :)


I hope everybody has a safe and nice Halloween. Me, personally, I'm not doing anything. I made delicious cupcakes yesterday, I have a small bag of candy, the dogs, and the t.v. But I think I'm just gonna plan my outfit for tomorrow, take a shower and sleep.

And for the past 2-3 days, I would come home at 5, pass out, and wake up at like 4... but I guess I didn't do it today because I had so much energy, being a holiday and all, that shit is just in the air, and I was soaking it up.


Good night,
I will see you bright and early L.a., even though I don't want to...

PEACE for the bitches with yeast,


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