Friday, October 7, 2011

Its been sometime,

but we meet again blogger.

i was on my tumblr account the other day when i decided to write a paragraph or two, and you know with me, thats like 1000 words, so i post it up and it erases, wtf?

the title was there, but the text wasnt.

i was pisssed.

i dislike wasting time.
plus i really like my layout, so i didnt want to change anything because tumblr can be confusing.

but FUCK tumblr.

i remember when i first set it up it took 2-3 days. and all that time in between it was workin my nerves like no other.

but i am restarting my blogspot, which will be text only, and saving all the pics/videos for tumblr, or the endangered facebook

.. and about that subscribe button... is that a yeigh or neigh? lol

ima say nah.
i mean ppl just nosey, but everybody has to go through screening.
just send me a friend request n lets keep this ish simple.

im back on bloGGGer! and with that being said,

paz gente.

ps. i read all my old posts for fun, n i loved it all.

but an older me= new font
i have a different voice now :D lol

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