Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day!

Well I'm heading to the poles myself right now..


I really hope that he is elected.

It's funny, because I have never been excited about a presidential election in my life!

But I'm super excited for this one!!


I would never vote for that combination, because with that vote, comes the posssibility of Palin being the President of the United States.

And she just is not qualified for that postion.

The position of the President is something that you are either qualified for, or not.

And she is not.

You cannot be partially qualifed, you must be fully qualified.

We, American citizens, can't put all of our trust into something that has a chance of failure, especially if that something is being the President of this country. Someting very crucial to our country as a whole.

Even if the chance of Palin taking office has a probability of 0.000001%

I'm definitely not willing to take that chance.

I think it's time for a change.

We've already had so many white redneck conservative presidents, to be quite honest, and it's just time to try something different, something new.

Someone, younger, intelligent,



someone black!

I mean, not necessairly just because he's black...

but because he represents a lot of us Americans ...

not all of us are white.

There's some of us who are mixed ethnicities.

Who identify themeselves with more than just one race...

Who speak english and another language or two..

have been to different countries...

And are just as smart, creative, hard-working, and successful as white people.

And we need to be recognized too!



Danni said...

i relly liked wut you said, especially you ending statement

i have yet to hear someone put it that way . . . they usually say the same thing "im not picking Obama jus because he's black" and wen asked "then why are you?", they can't really come up with anything to justify themselves. but you explaination was very presice and thought out . . .

Ailena V.=) said...


Him being black is an added bonus on top of being a very intelligent, open-minded, thinking-outside-of-the-box type of person that we need in the white house.

I believe we are alike in the way that we think, and that is what I like about him.

And that fact that he is black is the icing on the cake.