Thursday, November 13, 2008



All I want to do is use my card, but it's not working for some reason!
It's saying I have an invalid PIN.

But I don't!

Well the gist of it is, I went to the B of A branch on Sepulveda/National.

And the guy that helped me was a staight-up asshole.

IDK why, maybe he was having a bad day...

But Fuck That Shit!!!

If anything I should've been upset because I didn't have access to my money, when I needed it.

But no. In no way did I express any anger towards him, I was actually quite polite.

And that useless motherfucker couldn't help, except tell me to go to the Culver City BofA and be a rude asshole piece of shit!!!

So Fuck That Bitch!!!!!


That reminds of the South Park, where Randy, Stan's dad, takes the biggest poop ever, and then gets into the Guiness(or whatever) Book of World Records, but then gets defeated by the original guy because he took the biggest pooped and I guess like raised it, and stuff, and the poop grew up to be Bono!!

So Bono is the biggest piece of shit ever!!Literally!


I miss that show fer suuuure!

Well even though it may have seemed that I was kind of angry in the beginning of my blog entry, I'm actually quite happy! =)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that between all this, I saw Whoopi!

He directed me to that BofA with his GPS app on his iPhone!

So, thanks to him, I ended up at the shitty BofA, with a cunt!!!!!!


But really thanks!! Because I actually ended up getting to class on time!!

That was a miracle!!

God really does exsist!!!!


....Well, right now I am quite bored waiting for the carpet cleaning guy to come so our carpets can look all clean and new-ish and stufff!!

But he's taking forever!!!

I gotta go to BofA!!!
[Not the same one!! hecks no!!]

Then I gotta go to work!!

Great fun!!!

...I wish!!...



Hopefully my day will be good, and BofA better fix my shiiiiit!CUUUH!

lolz! paz gente!!

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