Thursday, November 13, 2008



All I want to do is use my card, but it's not working for some reason!
It's saying I have an invalid PIN.

But I don't!

Well the gist of it is, I went to the B of A branch on Sepulveda/National.

And the guy that helped me was a staight-up asshole.

IDK why, maybe he was having a bad day...

But Fuck That Shit!!!

If anything I should've been upset because I didn't have access to my money, when I needed it.

But no. In no way did I express any anger towards him, I was actually quite polite.

And that useless motherfucker couldn't help, except tell me to go to the Culver City BofA and be a rude asshole piece of shit!!!

So Fuck That Bitch!!!!!


That reminds of the South Park, where Randy, Stan's dad, takes the biggest poop ever, and then gets into the Guiness(or whatever) Book of World Records, but then gets defeated by the original guy because he took the biggest pooped and I guess like raised it, and stuff, and the poop grew up to be Bono!!

So Bono is the biggest piece of shit ever!!Literally!


I miss that show fer suuuure!

Well even though it may have seemed that I was kind of angry in the beginning of my blog entry, I'm actually quite happy! =)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that between all this, I saw Whoopi!

He directed me to that BofA with his GPS app on his iPhone!

So, thanks to him, I ended up at the shitty BofA, with a cunt!!!!!!


But really thanks!! Because I actually ended up getting to class on time!!

That was a miracle!!

God really does exsist!!!!


....Well, right now I am quite bored waiting for the carpet cleaning guy to come so our carpets can look all clean and new-ish and stufff!!

But he's taking forever!!!

I gotta go to BofA!!!
[Not the same one!! hecks no!!]

Then I gotta go to work!!

Great fun!!!

...I wish!!...



Hopefully my day will be good, and BofA better fix my shiiiiit!CUUUH!

lolz! paz gente!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Super excited!!!

I'm really excited because tomorrow my brother's girlfriend, Gaby, is having her baby shower!

My niece, Alyza Vargas, is due in early Decemember! But I'm hoping she will come early!!=D

It's just super exciting because I finally have a niece!!

And I love Gaby and I'm happy that my brother's girlfriend, the mother of his child and the mother of my niece is such a great person.

Quite honestly, I believe my brother is lucky to have a girl like her.

..And off-topic, it's super funny that the Republicans are all fighting between each other over Palin's shopping spree fiasco!!



Thursday, November 6, 2008

Couldn't Have Said it Better

If you missed Sen. Obama's speech last night,

I strongly suggest that you google it, you tube it, something, and watch it!

I mean, if neccessary, I can sum it up for you and translate:

He basically said,

"We've been told for decades that we could not and that we would not; those rednecks even think to this day that we cant, all I'll say is 'Yes, we can.'"

Of course, those words aren't word for word, but I think you still get the point ;)

And please, nobody get me wrong and think I'm prejudice or judging people by the color of their skin , just because I use the term "rednecks".

Its just my way in being brutually honest in saying that, yes, there are white people out there that are racist, that judge you and dislike you for having a different color of pigment in your skin, that are very conservative and close-minded, that think that the way they formulate and analyze their opinions is the best way, and in their mind should be the only way...and guess what they also might just happen to have red necks.

And yes, I do dislike their way of thinking.

And yes, there probably are some black people out there and latinos that think that way too..

And still, I dislike their analysis as well!

My point is that most of the people who think that way, are white, may live in the South and probably have rednecks. That's all.

If you disagree or feel I'm being in some way prejudice, all I can say is it's simply my opinion.

Back to Obama,

I couldn't be any happier and excited to have some one different in the white house.

I think that one of the only other past presidents that can compare to him was President Lincoln.

President Lincoln was open to new ideas, different views and knew that there was more than two ways to view a situation; there's infinite.

Obama is the exact same way.

And Obama knows he resembles Lincoln in this sense, because he quoted Lincoln in his speech.

What is that cliche saying?
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

Something like that...

I believe Obama will follow in his footsteps, and do something for this country to surpass what Lincoln did for this country [primarily for the blacks of our country]...

He will be what a real president is suppose to be.

Not someone we make a mockery of.

Someone to look up to, who is looked at as a leader, who we look to for hope, who will do what it takes to truly make America a country where there is fredom, liberty and justice for all...

Yes, we can.


Yes, we did.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Part 4



Defintiely just watched history go down!!!

I couldn't be more excited!!!!

Im tooo excited!!

We finally have a black president!!

The 44th president of the United States!!


too excited to get my thoughts straight! geeeez!
Obama '08

Election Day! Photobooth!

All the pictures are all out of order and all switched around...But basically, I started off all happy andd goofy, then I started trying to be all hot and sexy for the camera. I dont even know how I got there.Lol!
But I decided that I had to take some pictures today just for memories.
[Clearly my first time uploading pics to blogger]=D =D

Obama '08

Election Day Pt. 2

I just got back from voting!!!

I did my part and hopefully Obama wins by a landslide!!!

We'll have to wait to see!

I'm super excited!!

And the the wait in line was only an hour and thirty-five minutes, which wasn't too bad...


Election Day!

Well I'm heading to the poles myself right now..


I really hope that he is elected.

It's funny, because I have never been excited about a presidential election in my life!

But I'm super excited for this one!!


I would never vote for that combination, because with that vote, comes the posssibility of Palin being the President of the United States.

And she just is not qualified for that postion.

The position of the President is something that you are either qualified for, or not.

And she is not.

You cannot be partially qualifed, you must be fully qualified.

We, American citizens, can't put all of our trust into something that has a chance of failure, especially if that something is being the President of this country. Someting very crucial to our country as a whole.

Even if the chance of Palin taking office has a probability of 0.000001%

I'm definitely not willing to take that chance.

I think it's time for a change.

We've already had so many white redneck conservative presidents, to be quite honest, and it's just time to try something different, something new.

Someone, younger, intelligent,



someone black!

I mean, not necessairly just because he's black...

but because he represents a lot of us Americans ...

not all of us are white.

There's some of us who are mixed ethnicities.

Who identify themeselves with more than just one race...

Who speak english and another language or two..

have been to different countries...

And are just as smart, creative, hard-working, and successful as white people.

And we need to be recognized too!


Saturday, November 1, 2008


Havent blogged in like foreverzzzzz!

BUT I 'm in a good moood so I decided to blog just to say I probably won't be blogging in a while! Ha!

Yeah...but ever since I've got my new job I've beeen busy busy busy!!!

But i get good hours! so thats good! :)