Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School is cool!

Well, before I go to sleep, I just wanted to say how super awesome school was today!!

No particular reason, just was, if you know what I mean.

I stayed awake all day, probably 'cause I didn't wake up at the crack of dawn(aka 7:00am)!!!

But yeah, a highlight in my day was this nice guy.

I have in my english class, and he always smiles at me and stuff.

SO, today we get out of english...I get out of the class, go inside the restroom and come out literally like five seconds later...and he's rollin by with a jolly rancher in his hand.

He offered it to me in exchange for my name.

I was like: deal!

And then he said I had to be his friend 'cause he didn't have any.

And then he told me I was fly!
That was a first.
I already knew that, so I was like thanks.
Then I said goodbye.

But daaannng!
This is the second time a dude in a wheel-chair thingy has hit on me at SMC!
The first one was hilarious though!=D

But this one was choc-o-late!!!


Yeah...but school was awesome....other then a few minor things...

Ohhh..plus I saw Ryan Jones!!!

He like literally jumped on me as I was just innocently walking!

But whoa!I miss that guy so much! And he goes to SMC so I'll be seeing him...

and I had my statistics exam!=[

I really hope I did good on that test....because math matters to me more than any other subject...'cause i love it!!

But I'd be happy if I got a high "C" , because I think thats the highest I can get...since I still don't have a textbook and spent hours in the library just doing homework, not really studying...

And, plus I joined the class late

plus, I can always drop this score, so its all good!!

But tomorrow will indeed be a busy day.


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