Sunday, August 31, 2008



I feel super old now!

No, not really.

But, no complaints, I enjoyed myself yesterday.

Today is the last day of August=(

How sad. I love August.
& I'll miss it.

But things don't look too shady for September!
Lots of

Me and mel went for the first time last tuesday, and had a super awesome time!!

Hopefully I'll get my license so I can legally drive...that would be nice!

and also the Spliff!

And I actually know someone who is performing this time.
>If only poor ole Olympia was here!lol

It would suck if it got shut down again!

And probably many more things and of course the daily drive around Hollywood and Santa Monica with Ab and Anna getting lost.
They're classic.

Ok. I'm tired of typing now.

So peace out people!

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