Sunday, August 31, 2008



I feel super old now!

No, not really.

But, no complaints, I enjoyed myself yesterday.

Today is the last day of August=(

How sad. I love August.
& I'll miss it.

But things don't look too shady for September!
Lots of

Me and mel went for the first time last tuesday, and had a super awesome time!!

Hopefully I'll get my license so I can legally drive...that would be nice!

and also the Spliff!

And I actually know someone who is performing this time.
>If only poor ole Olympia was here!lol

It would suck if it got shut down again!

And probably many more things and of course the daily drive around Hollywood and Santa Monica with Ab and Anna getting lost.
They're classic.

Ok. I'm tired of typing now.

So peace out people!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Some how I have managed to not to be so mad....

But I still want to talk about what pissed me offf today at work... day started off magnificent at was nice and fun ....

Then I walked into the back and hear two of my co-workers agreeing that they didn't feel comfortable around two other people while talking to my boss.

So I was just being nosey , and I asked who they were talking about....

and one tells me that it was two managers, one a former manager, and one that is a current manager.

I'm not kidding you when I say I was immediately astonished when I heard their names come out of her mouth.

I even asked her is she was kidding.

All-in-all, they had no reasons for bad-mouthing those people.

One of the former managers, that was let go, was a super great person.
So fuck whatever you think. She was more commited to her job than anyone there. And if you know her, then you could say that without a doubt. And she was there for us outside of work and still is.

Then the girl really did it when she tried to soften it up by saying that she didnt know her that well...

Another reason why you shouldnt be talking right now.

Then I told the boy that it was wrong to bad-mouth people.

And he replied with the dumbest thing ever.Seriously.

He said that he didn't care, as long as he still had a job.

And then I told him how selfish he was to make such a statement and do such a thing.And then I told him how fucked the world is because it's full of people like him.

Luckily for him he didn't say anything else.

Also, they bad-mouthed a person that still works there.Wtf?

Now that's shady.

They don't even know him well enough to give a true opinion on the guy!

They mostly just know what they hear about him. And don't always believe what you hear.

Also, I really wanted to tell them that if they don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Didn't your mom teach you that one?

Be professional.

And I know my boss didn't directly ask them their opinions.

She probably prompted them, and they were dumb enough to take the bait.

They may have thought that it would get them in good with the bosss, but I actually think it did the opposite.

Now she knows how easy it is to get information out of you...and she either thinks one you're stupid and/or that you can't be trusted with information because your mouth runs....and she probably thinks you're shady like me for bad-mouthing a co-worker for no damn reason.
You didnt get anything out of it did you?


And it bothered me all day at work because I just kept thinking about it.

I couldn't stop.

These people I thought were hella cool are actually hella shady.

They bad-mouth people for no reason.

Are they gonna pull this shit on me next?

Especially because I was super mad at them and even a little rude.

The rookies have definitely out-numbered the veterans.

My days at Cold Stone are numbered.

Haha!What has this world come to?


Be peace people & non-shady!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Super Funny!

Tundae posted this video in a myspace bulletin!!And it is super hilarious!! Im a fan!!

You should definitely watch it if you haven't yet!!

And I've been working a lot, so I haven't blogged in a while.

Also, I will have a niece soon, I'm so excited!
My big brother Andrew is having a baby girl due in December with his girlfriend, Gabrielle!

Also, I'm moving out pretty soon, seeing that I will be 18 pretty soon.

I'll be living with two of my best friends, Anna and AB!!COOL!!We'll be living close to the beach [I heard]! They already got the place, I just gotta check it out! And I'll probably be moving out at the end of this month!!And they just got the place like two days ago!

And other than that, there's not really anything new with me.

Plus, I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a car soon!Within the next month!For sure!
License or not!But I'll try to get my license first and if I can't get it in a month, then screw it!Lol

Anyways, it has been a long day, and I need some rest, so

Peace people!