Thursday, July 17, 2008



I just figured out my blogging pattern. I only blog when I feel like shit.

When I feel powerless.








Just so many things multiplied inside that cause destruction.

Destruction to the soul.

I 've been up for awhile now, seeing that I haven't blogged in forever, but as the law of physics state, what goes up, must come down.
And It feels like it came down at a greater acceleration too.

Well, situations.

One of my best friends ever, ever , ever, on this beautiful Earth is leaving me behind.

So sad, so sad, so sad.

I've known for a while now, but it was so unrealistic to me that this day would ever dare to approach me.
And here it is;
and I feel some sort of unstability.

I love this guy like my own family;
he is my family.

He's truly been the best friend I have ever had, and he's taught me life lesssons.
Thank you.
I appreciate him more than he'll probably ever know.

Other situations.

I've felt so bad and sad that another one of my best friends has been mad at me lately.
Well, since yesterday evening.

I asked him a question, half jokingly[yeah, I know, not an actual word]
and he got really upset at me.

Realllly upset.

Had I known he would take offense to it, or be insulted, then I would have never even mentioned it. Joke, or no joke.

I care about my friends. They should really know that.

But, that has also been bothering me since it has happened.

oh yeah,
I Seriously have seven best friends. 3 girls, 4 guys.
So yeah just in case you were wondering.


And for the whole blogging when I'm down kind of thing is kind of true.

It's like my open diary, except if it were a diary, these "situations" would have real names.

I call it self-therapy.

Sometimes, no one can listen. no one can care.

And then, just writing it down has always helped for some strange, unclear reason.

*Another sigh.

I hope who ever is reading this, has a better life.


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Tundae said...

4 guys?

i feel so dirty and used.

haha. j/k.

but umm. i can listen!

u know this!