Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Horrible Day...

My day was shitty, even though I still manage to be happy. Wierd.
But that's just probably because I'm graduating tomorrow!!!
I'm super excited!

But, yea, my day was crap!
First I went to my little brother Elijah's "gradulation" from kindergarten...
Which was boring as all hell,
Then I went to the mall to pick up some things,
but couldn't find anything...
so I wasted a lot of time there.

Then I came home to get my I.d. card just in case I needed it to get extra
tickets for graduation, and as I'm walking in my house, my mom calls me and tells me my brother had an accident at school, so I had to stay there until she came...

Which ultimately resulted in me having to take him with me.
It was super hot waiting in line especially when people are all over you,
and cutting and crap.
Especially smelly teenagers...
Getting extra tickets was a bitch.
And I only got three!
I need like 6 more, so if anybody out there could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

The whole "getting extra tickets" thing was horrible.

Then I almost killed Elijah.
Sometimes he can act like he was raised without any kind of dignity.
I really wanted to choke him,
but no, I decided to spare his life today.
That's basically how my day went.

Graduation tomorrow!
Best day of my life!
I'm not joking.

Can't wait!
And where's the party at?


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