Friday, June 20, 2008


I finally did it!
We finally did it!
And we "finally conquered the deliquency list!"-Elisa
That was funny!

Graduation was fun!
But since I was in the front, it was really boring waiting for everyone else to go and I really wanted some water!
So since it was boring, other people in the front thought it'd be fun to do the wave!
We did, and it was really fun!
Especially since we were in competition with the other side...
The funniest part of that was when Emon said, "We're gonna [beat] the other side...EVERYBODY, JUMP TWICE"...everybody did, so it was fun!!
It made sitting there a lot better...

Then the throwing of the hats was fun!!!!
My mom got it on tape! yeah!!!!

After, I was walking around trying to take pictures with the few select people I wanted to remeber from high school...I couldn't find a few of them,which made me sad.=(

Then I went to Roscoe's with my best friends.
I went with Jessika, Olympia and Ab.
It was okay. I really wasn't in the mood for it, so I ate half of a waffle.

Then, I didn't know where the party was at, so I spent the night at Olympia/Evan-Alex's house.
It was boring, and I fell asleep.
Haha! I slept in Alex's bed and he doesn't even know!

Then Olympia left for Vegas at like 5AM the next morning...
Then I was there, and my battery was drained, so I was screwed.
I needed to call my mom, but Allyson was asleep and I didn't want to ask his mom because she had company....
so yea...I eventually got home...
And they have the cutest little brother, Eli.
So cute. I'd trade anyday.
Plus I found out he likes to sleep in on the weekends!
Hell Yeah!!!!

Anyways, today,
I'm suppose to be accompanying underclassmen to the beach...

Oh, speaking of which, Tundae left the freakin' ceremony. Douchebag. Whatev. He missed out.

Anyhow..Graduation was fun. Can't wait to get my summer started, and if anyone wants to see my graduation photos[more to come], then please follow the link below:

Have fun this summer!!!


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