Saturday, June 21, 2008


Alyssa! She officially works at Cold Stone!!!!Whooo hooo!

Daniel! Her boyfriend! Who I still don't know, but see all the time...Yea, I'm not very social...
But I heard he won a scion, which is freakin' awesome!!! [Hopefully] I'll be getting one, whenever I learn how to drive...

Whoever graduated from any school, anywhere, and is a part of the class of 2008!

My loves[other than Hamilton people] include:

Sheree- Graduated from CSUSB with her bachelor's in Business Administration.
Mom-Graduated from Pepperdine University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology[I think] or Cognitive Psychology, or both [One of the three]
Elijah-Graduated from Kindergarten from Palms Elementary
Grandma-Ministry School or something.IDK.
Kenneth- Graduated 8th grade, probably from...IDK...A school back in Redlands.
Justin<3- Graduated from Culver City High School!

That's it!

may PEACE be with you.

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Dawn said...

coldstones! wootwoot

i never formally introduced you to daniel lol
i shall soon