Saturday, June 21, 2008

Forgot To Mention...

My brothers are so lovely, neither made it to my graduation.

One, apparently is in jail, Andrew. [Making his yearly visit].

The other, Antonio, didn't know is was on Thursday, he got confused.
I actually feel bad, because he wanted to be there. =(
And I really wanted him there.
I guess I'll have to wait 'til next time.



Alyssa! She officially works at Cold Stone!!!!Whooo hooo!

Daniel! Her boyfriend! Who I still don't know, but see all the time...Yea, I'm not very social...
But I heard he won a scion, which is freakin' awesome!!! [Hopefully] I'll be getting one, whenever I learn how to drive...

Whoever graduated from any school, anywhere, and is a part of the class of 2008!

My loves[other than Hamilton people] include:

Sheree- Graduated from CSUSB with her bachelor's in Business Administration.
Mom-Graduated from Pepperdine University with a Masters in Clinical Psychology[I think] or Cognitive Psychology, or both [One of the three]
Elijah-Graduated from Kindergarten from Palms Elementary
Grandma-Ministry School or something.IDK.
Kenneth- Graduated 8th grade, probably from...IDK...A school back in Redlands.
Justin<3- Graduated from Culver City High School!

That's it!

may PEACE be with you.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I finally did it!
We finally did it!
And we "finally conquered the deliquency list!"-Elisa
That was funny!

Graduation was fun!
But since I was in the front, it was really boring waiting for everyone else to go and I really wanted some water!
So since it was boring, other people in the front thought it'd be fun to do the wave!
We did, and it was really fun!
Especially since we were in competition with the other side...
The funniest part of that was when Emon said, "We're gonna [beat] the other side...EVERYBODY, JUMP TWICE"...everybody did, so it was fun!!
It made sitting there a lot better...

Then the throwing of the hats was fun!!!!
My mom got it on tape! yeah!!!!

After, I was walking around trying to take pictures with the few select people I wanted to remeber from high school...I couldn't find a few of them,which made me sad.=(

Then I went to Roscoe's with my best friends.
I went with Jessika, Olympia and Ab.
It was okay. I really wasn't in the mood for it, so I ate half of a waffle.

Then, I didn't know where the party was at, so I spent the night at Olympia/Evan-Alex's house.
It was boring, and I fell asleep.
Haha! I slept in Alex's bed and he doesn't even know!

Then Olympia left for Vegas at like 5AM the next morning...
Then I was there, and my battery was drained, so I was screwed.
I needed to call my mom, but Allyson was asleep and I didn't want to ask his mom because she had company....
so yea...I eventually got home...
And they have the cutest little brother, Eli.
So cute. I'd trade anyday.
Plus I found out he likes to sleep in on the weekends!
Hell Yeah!!!!

Anyways, today,
I'm suppose to be accompanying underclassmen to the beach...

Oh, speaking of which, Tundae left the freakin' ceremony. Douchebag. Whatev. He missed out.

Anyhow..Graduation was fun. Can't wait to get my summer started, and if anyone wants to see my graduation photos[more to come], then please follow the link below:

Have fun this summer!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Horrible Day...

My day was shitty, even though I still manage to be happy. Wierd.
But that's just probably because I'm graduating tomorrow!!!
I'm super excited!

But, yea, my day was crap!
First I went to my little brother Elijah's "gradulation" from kindergarten...
Which was boring as all hell,
Then I went to the mall to pick up some things,
but couldn't find anything...
so I wasted a lot of time there.

Then I came home to get my I.d. card just in case I needed it to get extra
tickets for graduation, and as I'm walking in my house, my mom calls me and tells me my brother had an accident at school, so I had to stay there until she came...

Which ultimately resulted in me having to take him with me.
It was super hot waiting in line especially when people are all over you,
and cutting and crap.
Especially smelly teenagers...
Getting extra tickets was a bitch.
And I only got three!
I need like 6 more, so if anybody out there could help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

The whole "getting extra tickets" thing was horrible.

Then I almost killed Elijah.
Sometimes he can act like he was raised without any kind of dignity.
I really wanted to choke him,
but no, I decided to spare his life today.
That's basically how my day went.

Graduation tomorrow!
Best day of my life!
I'm not joking.

Can't wait!
And where's the party at?


Monday, June 16, 2008

"Yeah Nigga That's My Bitch...

so when she ask for the money when you get through, don't be surprised bitch "

So vulgar.
So dirty.
So disrespectful.

Weezy. Creative.


Peace ,
for the Middle East! =)

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just feel like randomly talking about random things. Very tired.

Well yea, I still have Tundae's music on my i-pod and there's this song that is just so, so beautiful.
I can't even explain it.
Geniunely beautiful.
Eminem's song to his daughter:
"Halie's Song".
It's just about how much love he has for his daughter,
And how even though he has all these problems,
just a simple look at his daughter makes his world so much better.
It's beautiful.

I know what he means too.
Because I remember the one day I fought with an old friend of mine,
a lot, and I mean a lot of things went wrong that day ...not just the fight...
I went home and cried my eyes out harder than I had ever cried before and I felt so sad and miserable, never felt worse in my life...I cried really hard for like an hour. One of the worst days of my life....
I went to go pick up my brother from school....
I just looked at him...
and I felt better immediately.

I smiled.

I can't really explain it,
but I just looked at him
and loved that he didn't have any problems like me,
loved that he was so nonchalant about everything,
and loved that he was happy.
Like I previously said, I can't really explain it.
But just one look at him , and my problems flew out the window.

He's the one guy that I truly love.

And for the people out there who don't know,
my brother is like a son to me.
I have helped to raise my brother a lot.
I have done so much for him and sacraficed so much for him.
I've sacraficed my [social] life and even my grades...

But to me it doesn't matter...
If you really love some one, you'd do anything for them without hesitation and without caring about yourself...
It's crazy how you can love some one more than yourself....

And the other day, yesterday to be specific, I was talking with Tundae.
I was just telling him about how I feel about America.
I don't feel like it's "home".
If that makes any sense.
I just feel out of place.
Anyways, after college I'm moving out East.
Middle East to be exact.
I think I know which country I'm moving to, but one can never be too sure.
I have never been to the middle east, but I feel like if I ever did it would feel like home.
Blah, Blah, Blah...
I think this whole "I don't feel at home" thing has just resulted from me not knowing where I came from....except having people try to tell me my whole life.
Yeah, I don't think anyone can really identify with what I'm saying except Tundae...

And about him...
he deserves some "credit"...
he's always been a good friend to me ,
[well except once but he's excused from that since I understand why he acted like he did],
but yea, he has always been such a good friend,
I can call him with any problem, he'll listen...
and I don't know who else I can really say that for....
And i'm thankful for him.
But i always wasn't the bestest friend to him,
that I can admit,
and for that I'm sorry.
It was just that when him and her broke up,
we were all bestfriends,
and being the dumbass I am ,
I chose sides.
Unintentionally, of course,
nevertheless I did.
And I chose the wrong side.
Anyways, Tundae, you are such a great friend
and I really don't know what I'd do, or who I'd bitch at
if you weren't around. Love you girl!!!

I feel like I have written enough for right now.
I know my writing is choppy, but my mind thinks faster than I write.=)

And I'm so happy!Alyssa will be working at Cold Stone this summer! Whooo hooo!
And probably Tundae too!
"Donde estan las frescas?"
It's a stupid joke, from a long time ago....

Peace peeps!

Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III,
Favorite songs: 3 Peat, A Milli, Phone Home, Got Money...the rest are cool too.=)
P.s. Ab is cool! He keeps me on Earth!

Saturday, June 14, 2008