Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad Day.

My day actually wasn't so bad, because I really don't let stuff get me down, but it was pretty shitty.
I let my friend borrow my i-pod.
I get it back with all my shit erased, when I specifically said "don't erase my shit".

Well, I normally wouldn't care, but I'm pissed.

When I first got my i-pod, I didn't know how to use limewire, but I used it anyway, which led to me fucking up my my computer had to get I then synced my whole library(WHICH I BOUGHT EVERY SINGLE THING IN FROM THE iTUNES STORE) to my i-pod so I wouldn't lose it....
so my computer got rebuilt and stuff...but I didn't finish syncing it all back into my new library..

Basically...all that money went down the drain.... over it now....

But then me and Mel went shopping.

I had like 300 bucks with me .....

I went to register to pay and I found out that I had lost 200 bucks!

I was so mad.

But then I just figured what goes around, comes around...

I lose money, I find money.

Mel said "just be happy you have your vagina"
(I guess she thought it would cheer me up)

but I got happier after we had some funny moments in the car...



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*_*Antoine*_* said...

Yeah, you have your vagina. That is ... a good thing.

You know you can talk to me :) I'm a pretty approachable person!