Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I got home from work and I saw this presausive commercial about becoming a vegetarian. It showed animals being hurt and stuff and it was sad. I felt bad. That kind of stuff makes me want to be a vegetarian. I don't eat meat very much; I only eat steak, chicken in the benihana fried rice (I've been going there a lot recently), and pork. But I dont eat it very often. Anyways, even if I was a vegetarian, it wouldn't stop the animals from suffering...unless there was a law against it, people will never stop killing animals...because that's money and everybody is money-hungry. Yup, so to me it's an everlasting effort. I wish there was something I could do about it that would actually help, because I'd do it. But in reality, I can't do anything. Plus, I crave steak if I go to long without it.
And today right before I went into work, this guy approached me. I was listening to my i-pod, and he turned aroud, smiled, and held this card up at eye-level. I tried to talk to him, but he didnt say anything, he urged me to read the card by a gesture. I read it, and it said something to the extent that he was deaf, and was selling these cards that taught you the alaphabet in sign-language. He was obviously deaf, it wasn't a scam. But when I read it, my heart sank. And the card said you could buy it for how ever much you wanted to, so I gave him five bucks.I felt so bad. Because if you think about what can deaf people do to earn a living?IDK. But that kind of stuff makes me want to help the whole world. I try to give back by all means possible, but sometimes I feel like it's not enough. And homeless people make me sad too. But with them I figure that if they truly wanted help, they could find it. They have to want to help themselves before they can ask others. So that's that.
And work was pretty fun today. Mel's first day. She said she had fun. And we saw Alyssa and her boyfriend, Daniel, who I don't know. And I saw a few othere people I knew too.
Yea, working for seven hours was pretty much my day...

That's all, Until next Time...

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